Data Hub

Store and consolidate any kind of data in our centralized cloud database.

Datablist Data Hub is powerful like a database but easy to use as a spreadsheet.

Flexible Data Structures

Start from our catalog of standard Data Types and Properties to create collections of Contacts, Organizations, Documents, Invoices, Blog Posts, etc.

Add, Edit, and Remove properties at any moment, whether your collection is empty or has data.

Two concepts: Collection and Item, but endless possibilities

Collections hold a list of elements of the same type. Use collections to store Contacts, Invoices, etc.

Create a collection of Collections to create a hierarchical tree for your data.

With those simple 2 concepts: Collection and Item, you can easily structure your complex data world.

Your single source of truth

Synchronize data from your external applications to consolidate it in your Data Hub...

...or use Datablist as a data storage to build your own applications.

Read, Write, and Edit your data as you would do in a cloud database.

We believe in interoperability and collaboration

Data Types and Properties are defined using the W3C JSON-LD standard. The definition structures are hierarchical and easily hackable to suit your needs.

Standardized Data Types allow collaboration between companies as they finally talk the same language.

Read our article on unified data models