Grow your business with data and automation

A modern data platform to move your processes to algorithms.

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How does it work?

Step 1

Create collections to store any kind of data

Select among our pre-defined collection types or create new ones. All the items in a collection will share the same properties.
Step 2

Import data or create it directly in Datablist

Sync your data into your collections using connectors, CSV files or API connections. Items can also be created directly in Datablist.
Step 3

Explore and edit your data in an easy to use interface

Increase your productivity with a lighting fast spreadsheet interface. Whether it is for few items or for hundred of thousands.
Step 4

Run actions manually on your items...

Access a catalog of actions compatible with your properties and your collection types. Don't find what you are looking for? Simply code new actions and run them on Datablist.
Step 5

...or automate them

Configure automations to trigger your actions automatically when your data changes or from external triggers.


Run an action at a specific interval. Ex: every day, every hour.

Data Changes

Run an action on a collection changes.Ex: new item, item deleted.

Webhook (HTTP trigger)

Run an action every time a HTTP call is made on an url.

Form submit

Save data coming from a Form or a Web Widget.

We need you!

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