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Free Plan
Free Plan includes:
Unlimited Collections
Import up to 1 million items per collection stored in your browser storage
Sync collections with less than 1,000 items in the cloud
Duplicates Finder
Access to free data enrichments
Import CSV and Excel files
Export to CSV and Excel files
Cloud Standard
Everything in Free Plan, and:
Import up to 1,5 million items per collection stored in your browser storage
Sync collections with less than 100,000 items in the cloud
Unlimited Team Members
Access to all data enrichments
5000 credits for Premium Enrichment
Priority support
Cloud Agency
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our subscriptions

Can I use Datablist for free?

The Free plan is free forever. It is formulated for individuals with occasional needs. Our paid plans offer more data actions, cloud syncing, and team management.

What is a Datablist collection?

In Datablist, your data is structured with collections that contain items. All items inside a collection share the same data structure. For example, a collection might be a list of sales leads, mailing list emails, or hiring candidates. See collection documentation.

Where is my data stored?

Datablist relies on a local database provided by web browsers to store structured data. A local database is perfect for quick access and to provide a reactive user experience. But this local data is confined to your browser and is at risk of loss. To provide long-term data storage and team collaboration, Datablist offers cloud synchronization for your data. In the free plan, collections with less than 1,000 items are synced in the cloud. For paid plans, collections with up to 100,000 items are synced in the cloud.

Can I export my data stored in Datablist?

Of course! Data is your asset and exports are free and unlimited. You can export the data directly from your collections in CSV format and/or Excel format. For collections not synced in the cloud, we recommend you perform regular exports to backup your data in case your browser deletes it. Note that Excel has some limits on the size of a cell and on the number of rows. A large collection might not be exportable in Excel format.

Can my browser delete my local data?

It can happen if you clear your browser cache or when you reach your hard drive limit. The local database Datablist uses is deleted with cookies, cached data, and any site-generated data when you clear site data on your browser. To prevent data loss, use cloud synchronization (available for collection with less than 1,000 in the free plan, or with less than 100,000 in the standard plan). Another way to protect your data is to export periodically your data in a CSV file.

What happens when I hit the item cloud syncing limit?

Cloud syncing is automatically enabled for collections with less than 1,000 items in the free plan. Standard plans have cloud syncing for collections with less than 100,000 items. On bigger collections, cloud syncing is not yet possible and your collection's data is only stored in your browser.

Does Datablist work with all web browsers?

Datablist requires a modern web browser. Recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge are supported. Internet Explorer is not supported. Datablist is currently targeting desktop web browsers. A mobile version compatible with mobile web browsers is on the roadmap.

What is a data action?

Data actions are online programs that perform operations on all or a part of your collection items. Datablist data actions store includes enrichment actions, data manipulations, text translations, etc.

What are the differences between free and premium data actions?

Free data actions are accessible for registered free users while premium data actions are restricted to cloud standard customers. Premium data actions usually rely on third-party services and have monthly call limits.

What happens when I hit the limit for premium actions?

When your monthly action credits are exhausted, you won't be able to run premium actions. Your actions credits are refreshed on the 1st of each month.

What are my payment options?

All monthly payments are made via credit card. Datablist uses Chargebee and Stripe to process and store credit card data.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

There's no engagement obligation with Datablist. Just go to the subscription section and click on “Downgrade account”.

Do you have a complex use case?

For agencies, technology partners, professional services partners, or anyone with a complex need: Please contact us or book a call with our team.

Also, check our Help Center to learn more about how Datablist works.