Startup Screening for early-stage investors

Startup discovery for data-driven investors. Track startups when they appear on the web and close the next unicorn.

Startup Screening for early-stage investors

Track large lists of startups

Datablist is designed to manage millions of items. Define your Company data structure, and start playing with your data with an open and tech-friendly platform. Organize your leads using our spreadsheet-like interface, or with our API to build complex data platforms. From your high-volume startup list, source emerging startups to contact.

CRM doesn't fit your need

CRM tools are perfect for the Sales and Marketing worlds. But they are not suitable for startup lead sourcing and will break on large company databases.

Every investment firm is different. With specific workflows and tailored internal tools. Build your own CRM using Datablist as the data store.

Stop storing startups in a custom database

Are you storing your sourced startups in a custom database, Excel, or Airtable? Selecting one of them means making concessions. Flexibility over scalability. Or complexity over simplicity.

Datablist brings the power of a custom database with the flexibility of an Airtable. Save money and time without compromises. Do want to go further? Build robust internal tools on top of Datablist using our REST API.


Collaborate with an easy-to-use tool

Manage your startups with a spreadsheet-like interface. Powerful filtering and search let you explore hundreds of thousands of companies in seconds.

With Datablist, CSV files are first-class citizens. Import big CSV files, and combine them with unique identifiers, to create your startup list. Your data is your data. Export your companies into a CSV file to use with other tools with just a click.

Do you want to go further? Automate your data flow with serverless functions connected to our open API.

Centralize all your startup data sources in one place

Your scraping destination

Build your own deal flow watcher tool. Scrape ProductHunt, IndieHackers, and other startup directories to find opportunities.

Enrich and score new startups to identify the ones to contact.

Your scraping destination

Consolidate company listings

Import startup lists from Crunchbase, AngelList, or other company data sources.

Consolidate them into a single data store using a unique identifier such as their website URL.

Consolidate company listings

Store every contact message

Automatically store contact messages from startup founders.

Enrich, score and create a profile for every new startup.

Store every contact message

Track startup events

Monitor events from the startups you watch to find opportunities.

Follow posts on Twitter and Facebook. Detect new blog articles or HR changes. Any event can highlight an opportunity.

Track startup events

Clean and enrich your deal flow

Enrich companies and profiles

Get complete profile information with integrated enrichment services. Get LinkedIn accounts from email addresses, or email addresses from your leads' names. Enrich at scale from any services or connect your own.

Clean your data

Keep your data fresh with Datablist read and write data store. Use our Data Cleansing features to bulk clean your companies. Validate URLs to find unreachable websites and exclude them from your monitoring.

Deduplicate company listings

Remove duplicate companies in a snap with Datablist Duplicates Finder. Select one or more properties to deduplicate automatically. Merge conflicting data with Datablist Merge Assistant.

Create unique startup profiles

Define uniqueness on the company's website to create unique company profiles. Update data from CSV files or consolidate external lists using your unique properties.

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