Free Duplicates Remover

Finally an easy to use alternative to Excel for data deduplication. Find, merge or remove duplicate values in CSV or Excel files.

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Free Duplicates Remover

Full or partial items analysis

Datablist Duplicates Finder works with full items comparison or with selected properties.

Use Selected Properties mode to find duplicates contacts based on their email address or to detect duplicates in a list of companies using their website url.

Duplicates Preview

Datablist lists the duplicates found to let you decide what operation to perform.

Open the duplicates items in the detail drawer to edit and merge information. Or simply delete the duplicates.

Automatically merge non-conflicting duplicates

Datablist automatically find all duplicate values that can be merged without losing any information.

  • When all duplicate items have the same property values, only one item is kept and the others are deleted.
  • If the duplicate items are complementary, the item with the most information is selected as the primary item and its property values are filled using other item property values. Then all items except the primary item are deleted.
  • If duplicate items have conflicted property values, items are skipped for manual merging.

Check conflicting values with the merging assistant

When automatic merging is not possible, use Datablist merging assistant to select which value to keep and consolidate your items.

The item with the most information is selected as master item and receive complementary values from secondary items.

Automatic merge during imports

In addition to the Duplicates Finder, you can set an 'Unique values' settings on your collection properties.

During data import, when an item from the imported file exists in the collection or elsewhere in the file, the data will be merged or deleted according to the merging mode.

Easy to use DeDupe tool

With Datablist, data manipulation becomes easy! Data Deduplication is finally accessible to everyone.

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Export to CSV or Excel files

Need to transfer your data to another application or a spreadsheet?

The data is always yours, just export selected items or all your collection into a CSV file or a Microsoft Excel file.

Generated CSV files are compatible with Google Sheets and all common applications.

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