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What is data deduplication?


Data deduplication, or deduping, is the process of eliminating duplicate records from a data set.

Deduping is required to have a list of unique entries. In marketing with mailing lists, in lead generation, or customer management. Or in e-commerce when managing product catalogs. Two entries are duplicates when they refer to the same entity. Two leads with the same email address, or two products with the same barcode.

Duplicates impact the quality of your data and lower your productivity. Two solutions exist to get rid of duplicates: delete them, or merge similar entries into a single one.

Deleting duplicates is easy, the deduplication algorithm finds the duplicates entries and deletes all but one record. Merging duplicates requires analyzing duplicate entries to combine them into a single master record.

Full or partial items analysis, on one or several data collections

Datablist Duplicates Finder works with full items comparison or with selected properties.

Use Selected Properties mode to find duplicate contacts based on their email address or to detect duplicates in a list of companies using their website url.

Datablist Duplicates Finder works with one or several lists. On multi-listings, the deduplication algorithm uses field mapping to compare records across your datasets.

Duplicates Preview

Datablist lists the duplicates found to let you decide what operation to perform.

Open the duplicates items in the detail drawer to edit and merge information. Or simply delete the duplicates.

Automatically merge non-conflicting duplicates

Datablist automatically find all duplicate values that can be merged without losing any information.

  • When all duplicate items have the same property values, only one item is kept and the others are deleted.
  • If the duplicate items are complementary, the item with the most information is selected as the primary item and its property values are filled using other item property values. Then all items except the primary item are deleted.
  • If duplicate items have conflicted property values, items are skipped for manual merging.

Consolidate dupes to keep a single record

When a simple merge is not enough, use the advanced features: combine or drop duplicate values to consolidate your duplicate records.

Datablist lists your conflicting fields and lets you chose how to deal with them. Use Combine values for data concatenation. And Drop values to keep the value from one master record.

Or check conflicting values manually with the merging assistant

When automatic merging is not possible, use Datablist merging assistant to select which value to keep and consolidate your items.

The item with the most information is selected as master item and receive complementary values from secondary items.

Automatic merge during imports

In addition to the Duplicates Finder, you can set an 'Unique values' settings on your collection properties.

During data import, when an item from the imported file exists in the collection or elsewhere in the file, the data will be merged or deleted according to the merging mode.

Easy to use DeDupe tool

Current deduplication tools target technical people. They are hard to use with endless configuration settings.

With Datablist, data manipulation becomes easy! Data Deduplication is finally accessible to everyone.

Deduplicate hundreds of thousands of records directly in your web browser.

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When to use Data Deduplication?

Mailing List Deduping

Over time, multiple sources will flow into your mailing list. With webinar participants, buyers, freemium users, etc. an email address can appear multiple times on your mailing list.
Duplicate email addresses impact your marketing campaigns with extra costs, spammy behavior, and the risk of user frustration if they keep receiving mailings after unsubscribing from a campaign.

Microsoft Excel Deduplication

Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and other spreadsheet tools offer basic deduplication features. They highlight duplicate values in a column or delete them. Use Datablist automatic merging and the manual Merging Assistant to deal with complex duplicate records.
Datablist opens CSV and Excel files alike.

Lead and Prospect Deduplication Tool

In B2B marketing, the quality of your prospect database impacts the results of your campaigns. A dirty data list with duplicate leads increases storage cost, reduces lead tracking efficiency, and brings frustration to your sales team.
Manage your lead generation processes with Datablist. Or import your CRM data, or lead lists into Datablist to clean them.

Deduplicate CSV files

Cleaning CSV data is time-consuming. Data engineers use programming languages like Python to parse and clean CSV data. Datablist offers a No-Code tool to perform data cleaning processes with your CSV files for non-technical users. Open CSV files with hundreds of thousands of rows and deduplicate records fast.

Deduplication with Fuzzy Matching

Deduplication with Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy deduplication algorithms determine the distance between records. Using a threshold, you define when two records are similar. Unlike exact matching, fuzzy matching intelligently identifies variations, accommodating typos, abbreviations, and slight differences in your records.

Datablist implements the Levenshtein and Jaro-Winkler distance algorithms.

Find and Remove Duplicates Online

Instantly detect, merge and eliminate duplicates within your data. With a user-friendly web interface, enjoy hassle-free access from any device, avoiding complex installations.

Datablist use advanced algorithms to swiftly identify duplicates, saving you time and preventing errors. Say goodbye to manual searches and welcome a streamlined workflow.

Find and Remove Duplicates Online

Export to CSV or Excel files

Need to transfer your data to another application or a spreadsheet?

The data is always yours, just export selected items or all your collection into a CSV file or a Microsoft Excel file.

Generated CSV files are compatible with Google Sheets and all common applications.

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