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With collaboration, we landed a man on the moon and our life expectancy has doubled since 1900.

Technology is a catalyst and a multiplier of what collaboration can achieve. Before the industrial revolution in 1750, the average individual income doubled every 6,000 years; since then, it has doubled every 50 years.

In an organization, Technology leverages people to produce more and automates repetitive tasks so the organization's productivity increases.

We believe this productivity gain is the key to improving world living standards. Price of goods decreases and productivity gains let people spend more time on activities outside of work.

When we produce more with less work, we have more time to spend with our close ones!

Our Approach

Before Datablist, I spent eight years as Co-Founder and CTO of a SaaS company with 80% of engineers.

We optimized and automated our product development. We built testing and deployment pipelines so any code modification led to a stable new version for our customers.

And yet, our company operations, like many companies and maybe yours, was relying on spreadsheets. From employee onboarding to mailing lists, or for building prospecting lists, there are no alternatives to easy-to-use spreadsheet tools.

When you have your internal processes on spreadsheets, you are halfway through your digitalization. But the second half of digitalization is hard. Implementing automation with spreadsheets or connecting spreadsheets together brings more tears than joy. We have all bad experiences with multiple versions, duplicate or invalid data.

This is why we build Datablist. Datablist brings data structures while being flexible so you can build your unique processes.

Our mission is to help you transform your business into a digital company. Imagine a digital operating system with internal tools powered with data. Scalable, flexible, and extendable so your digital operating system grows with your business.


Florian Poullin - Datablist
Florian Poullin
Past: Co-Founder and CTO at IZBERG-Marketplace (Acquired on January 2019 by Open Group, a French publicly listed company)

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