What is the best alternative to Clay.com?

Datablist is a Lead Management tool and a good alternative to Clay.com. Datablist is the perfect tool to build custom lead generation workflows. Compare Datablist and Clay.com and see which tool fits you best.

What is the best alternative to Clay.com?

Why are teams switching from Clay to Datablist?

Datablist is a cheaper alternative to Clay.com

Clay has a limited free plan. Clay starter plan starts at $149/month with only 2000 credits. Datablist has a cheaper monthly subscription and cheaper credit packages. The more you use the tool for scraping, cleaning, and enriching your leads, the more you will save money using Datablist.

Advanced cleaning and deduplication tools

Datablist offers advanced data-cleaning tools. From converting data types to data normalization, Datablist beats spreadsheet tools for data cleaning at scale. Lead Deduplication is a native Datablist feature. Fuzzy matching and advanced duplicate merging prevent you from enriching a lead twice.

Extensible by API

Datablist data store is fully accessible by API. Create collections, properties, and items using our RESTful API. Are you using Make.com or Zapier? Connect them to Datablist using the API to build powerful outreach workflows.

What is Clay.com?

Clay.com is a SaaS tool that helps sales teams run outreach campaigns. It integrates several data enrichment services and automates personalized outreach message drafting with AI. Then Clay.com connects with CRMs and outreach tools to send the campaigns.

Where Datablist works better?

Datablist and Clay.com are two tools to manage lead lists.

Datablist focuses on data cleaning, lead deduplication and custom workflows with our REST API. Datablist is fast and can manage hundreds of thousands of leads without breaking a sweat.

Clay focuses on leads sourcing and waterfall enrichments.

If you want to build a centralize leads database with advanced deduplication, and powerful data cleaning to ensure data quality, Datablist is for you.

Datablist: A Superior Alternative for Lead Generation

At Datablist, we understand the challenges users face with other lead generation tools like Clay. That's why we've designed our platform to be user-friendly, fast and easily flexible to integrate with your existing workflows. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth setup process with minimal learning curve, allowing you to start generating leads quickly without any hassle.

Accurate and Reliable Data - We prioritize data accuracy, ensuring that you receive up-to-date and correct contact information. This means more effective outreach campaigns and better conversion rates. Say goodbye to the inconsistencies and outdated data issues experienced with other platforms.

Affordable Pricing - Datablist offers competitive and transparent pricing that suits businesses of all sizes. Our cost-effective model ensures you get the best value without unexpected expenses. Unlike other tools, you won't have to worry about costs adding up quickly.

Responsive Customer Support - Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you promptly, ensuring that any issues you encounter are resolved quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and expert support, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

Choose Datablist for a seamless, reliable, and affordable lead generation experience.

Combine Files

Join several collections using identifiers. Or update existing data from a CSV file.

Built for large lists

Manage collections of up to 1.5 million items locally. And synchronize in the cloud up to 100,000 items per collection.

Merge or remove duplicates

Get rid of duplicate items with the Duplicates Finder. Use exact or distance algorithms to match similar items on one or several collections. And merge duplicate groups with our smart merge algorithm.

Enrich your data

Enrich people, companies, and places, without the headache. Datablist has built-in enrichments and is connected to data providers. Save time and money with our simple credit system.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Find relevant items with full-text search and advanced filtering. Combine filter groups with AND/OR operators to create specific segments of your data. Save your filters to access your item segments in a snap.