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Combine Files

Join several collections using identifiers. Or update existing data from a CSV file.

Built for large lists

Manage collections of up to 1.5 million items locally. And synchronize in the cloud up to 100,000 items per collection.

Merge or remove duplicates

Get rid of duplicate items with the Duplicates Finder. Use exact or distance algorithms to match similar items on one or several collections. And merge duplicate groups with our smart merge algorithm.

Enrich your data

Enrich people, companies, and places, without the headache. Datablist has built-in enrichments and is connected to data providers. Save time and money with our simple credit system.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Find relevant items with full-text search and advanced filtering. Combine filter groups with AND/OR operators to create specific segments of your data. Save your filters to access your item segments in a snap.

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Tom W.
"Fantastic tool, did exactly what I needed and saved me hours of manual work in excel."
Nicolas M.
"Awesome service that has dramatically improved my productivity: tasks that would have taken me months to achieve, could be done in less than a week."
"Wow. Just Wow. I googled how to combine lists, search for duplicates and delete them and it all seemed two hard. In two minutes datablist did it all for me!! Thank you 🙏🏻"
Song T.
"This software is so easy to use, I use it almost every day."
Lee H.
"Amazing platform. I absolutely love it."
Marc A.
"Easy to use! great!"
"I love this site and I recommend for everyone at work"
Amilcar A.
"Very simple to work, for free, without ads or good to be true"
Remi U.
"Amazing blazingly fast. This would be my day to day tool"
Russell F.
"What I like: Great UX. Easy to work with and understand. "
"I love you (and your free CSV data editing functionality). Great tools!"
Luis G.
"Muito legal gente!!!"
"I have been on it 5 min and it has already saved me hours of work!"
Colin B.
"It is very helpful. Thanks."

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