New Features


Copy-pasting is natural way of importing and exporting data between applications. We wanted to do it right to be compatible with most of the tools you already use.

In May, we implemented copy-pasting from other spreadsheets applications, from html tables and smart copy-pasting between Datablist collections.

On a Datablist collection page, when you paste data, you can create new properties, or map the properties from you pasted data with your existing collection properties.

Spreadsheets Copy/Pasting

Starting from now, you can copy and paste data between Datablist and spreadsheets (Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel, etc.).

Html Table Copy/Pasting

When pasting html data into Datablist, if a html table is found, Datablist automatically extracts the content. And if headers are available, we use them to create collection properties.

This feature also works in the other way, when copying data from Datablist to paste it in Notion, Typora, etc. Datablist copies a html version of your data for applications that handle it.

Smart Copy/Pasting between Datablist collections

Finally, playing with data between Datablist collections has never been easier! When you copy and paste items from a Datablist collection to another one, it keeps your collection proprieties options (name, data type, etc). On the property mapping step, when creating new properties, it will keep the options from the source properties.

New actions launcher

We want to provide a smooth user experience. Managing your data in Datablist must be as simple as using a spreadsheet, while taking advantage of more structured data types.

Structured data types allow you to run actions directly from your items in Datablist. In May, we've revamped this "actions launcher"!

Now, available actions are displayed directly once you have at least one selected item.

We have also improved how to select items quickly. You can click and maintain your click pressed while moving over the item checkboxes to select several items, fast!

Sidebar Resizing

For large screens or complex collections hierarchy, you can now resize your left sidebar.

New keyboard shortcuts

ctrl + f to search

ctrl + a to select all items

News Actions

Fetch RSS posts

Create items from RSS/Atom feeds. Use this actions to build prospect lists, etc.

Get webpage title and description

This action fetches meta information from a domain url. It returns the page title, description and indicate when the action couldn't connect to the domain server.

Fetch Alexa statistics on domains

When building listings of prospects, competitors, etc. an Alexa data is a goldmine for competitive analysis. Alexa Ranking, estimated web traffic, number of inbound links. With the Alexa action, get insights on website to detect opportunities.