Filtering with "or" operation

You can now change how multiple filters are combined.

Select the "or" operation to get items matching at least one filter.

Select the "and" operation to get items matching all the filters.

Currently, only one operation can be used for all filters.

Create a new collection from selected items

We added a shortcut to creating a new collection with items. The action is available from the "selected" items actions.

It clones the current collection properties and copies the selected items in it.

Auto-Detect CSV file encoding

The CSV format is text-based but the encoding is not standardized. Two CSV files generated by Microsoft Excel can use two different encodings if one is generated from a system configured in French or in English.

And the bad news, the encoding is not stored in the CSV format.

When loading a CSV file, Datablist has used UTF-8 encoding so far. It worked for English-based CSV files. Or if by chance the CSV file was encoded in UTF-8.

For CSV files with accents or special characters, you ended up with weird characters.

Datablist now analyzes your CSV file to list potential encodings. A score is calculated for each encoding and the one with the highest score is used.

You can change the encoding if the imported data still contains weird characters.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix cloud synchronization errors after "undoing" items delete
  • Fix Excel file import when header names are numbers
  • Fix cloning empty collection
  • New "is not" and "does not contain" filters