When scraping websites for lead generation, finding the "About Us" page offers invaluable insights. Typically, these pages provide critical information including the business's history, values, leadership team, and contact details.

Here are some of the most common URL structures used for "About Us" pages:

  • /about
  • /about-us
  • /about_me (for personal sites or blogs)
  • /aboutus
  • /company/about
  • /company
  • /our-story
  • /our-company
  • /who-we-are
  • /meet-the-team
  • /about-our-company
  • /about-company
  • /aboutus.html
  • /about/index.html

These variations are widely used across different websites and industries.

How to automatically follow "About us" pages when scraping?

With this list of URL paths, it's easy to scrape any website and follow the "About" link in order to get data.

The best examples of data to extract are:

  • Email addresses
  • LinkedIn Company pages
  • LinkedIn People profiles
  • Phone numbers
  • Social Links (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)
  • Texts that describe what a company does

This is what Datablist Smart Scraper does! You can define a list of websites and the Smart Scraper will visit each website to extract data from the defined webpage and the website about page. Click here to learn more about the Smart Scraper.

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