Datablist is a CSV editor with a built-in character count feature. Many character counters count the characters across all your CSV content. Datablist Character Counter lets you count the character on a specific column. Making it more suitable to real-life use cases.

How many characters are in my CSV file?

First, load your CSV file into Datablist. The Character Count feature is available without registration. You can import a CSV file with a maximum of 10000 rows as an anonymous. For larger CSV files, just create an account for free. Registered users can load CSV files with up to 1.5 million rows.

Click the "+" button to create a new collection and then click "Import CSV" to load your file.

Import CSV file
Import CSV file

Once loaded, you will see your CSV columns and your CSV content directly in Datablist. Click on the CSV column on which you want to count characters.

Open Calculations tool
Open Calculations tool

Select "Characters count" in the calculation options. The character count is displayed directly in the drawer.

Character Count Result
Character Count Result

How character count is calculated?

Every character counts. Spaces, punctuations, digits, smileys, etc. count.

Please note that some smileys are coded on 2 characters. For example, the smiley "🍆" counts as 2 characters.

Line breaks don't count as characters. In the text:



The character count is 6.

When to use character count?

Here are some situations where character count is important:

  • SEO Optimization - In the digital age, character count plays a crucial role in SEO. Meta descriptions, titles, and URLs with optimal character lengths are more likely to be indexed effectively by search engines, improving your online visibility.
  • Social Media - Platforms like "X" (Twitter) have character limits, making it essential to keep tweets within a specific length to convey your message effectively.
  • Cost Analysis - When using third-party tools, for example, translation services, where the cost is charged based on word or character count.