For some enrichments (Google Translate, Deepl, Email Finder, etc.), Datablist relies on third-party APIs. Most third-party APIs are paid services. To work with this, Datablist has a credit system.

All standard plan users get 5000 credits per month. And you can top up your credit balance with extra credits. Those extra credits don't expire and are used only when you no longer have monthly credits.

The top-up options are:

  • $20 for 20 000 credits
  • $50 for 60 000 credits
  • $150 for 200 000 credits

Estimated costs based on credit amount

With the 20$ top-up:

  • 1 credit costs $0.001
  • 10 credits cost $0.01
  • 50 credits cost $0.05
  • 1000 credits cost $1

👉 With the $50 top-up, you have about 15% off.

  • 1000 credits cost ≈$0,833

👉 With the $150 top-up, you have a 25% discount.

  • 1000 credits cost 0,75$


How much each enrichment cost?

The cost of each enrichment is visible in the enrichment description and on the enrichments store. If the enrichment doesn't have cost information, this means the enrichment is included and unlimited.

Enrichment cost
Enrichment cost

How do I top up my credit balance?

Datablist accepts only credit cards and Paypal. Payments are processed with Stripe or Paypal through Chargebee.

I have more questions

No problem, please contact me using this contact form. Or book a meeting on my Calendly.