New features, improvements and fixes to Datablist.

February 2022

New features

Datablist Help Center

Learn to use Datablist and discover how to get the most of it with our new Help Center:

New action: LinkedIn Profile Finder

This action takes a name and keyword properties and returns a LinkedIn Profile URL when found. Read our new guide: How to scrape Facebook group members and find their LinkedIn Profile.


Long running tasks are being moved to background jobs to improve UI reactivity. For example, when a collection is deleted, the task takes several seconds to complete but it does't prevent the user to navigate on the Datablist App.

Notifications have been implemented on: Collection Delete, Item edit from the drawer, undo and redo operations.

Network lost, API errors while editing items now return visible error notifications.


Improve selected items export

Select export format between CSV and Excel files.

Improve history (Undo/Redo)

History actions (Undo and Redo) are new shown directly in the collection header.

Also, it's now possible to undo collection name and icon changes. And, after creating a new item, calling "undo" will delete it.

Keep CSV rows order on import

During import, file rows are split in several chunks and saved using parallel calls. Before, this could lead to a reordering of items order depending of what call was saved first. File import has been improved to keep file rows order.

Create a collection fast with keyboard shortcut

Press "n" to create a new Datablist collection. See Keyboard Shortcuts documentation

November 2021

New features

Automatic duplicates merging

Last month, we released Datablist Duplicates Finder to find and list collection items with duplicate values. Yet, processing those duplicates was a manual task.

Not anymore! In November, Duplicates Finder got an upgrade to automatically merge non-conflicting items.

What are non-conflicting items?

  • Items with similar values for all their properties
  • Items with complementary values

Merging Assistant

For items with conflicting values found with Datablist Duplicates Finder or to merge items directly from a collection, we introduce a Merging Assistant.

It shows two or more items, automatically select the item with the most information as Primary Item and allow merging data from other items into this Primary Item.

Import/Export Excel files

In addition to CSV, Microsoft Excel files have been added as import and export format.

To import a Microsoft Excel file, the data must be on the first worksheet and display a Table like structure.


Properties data types

In November, built-in data types received improvements. Current built-in types are:

  • Text
  • Long Text
  • Checkbox
  • Email
  • Url
  • Datetime
  • Date
  • Number

During data import (CSV or Excel), Datablist scans the first 100 lines to automatically detect data types.

Collection search and sort actions are compatible with all those built-in data types.

In the detail drawer, data validation is performed to forbid non valid data inputs.

Empty cell en backspace/delete key press

Last month, bulk delete was added to empty several cells with the "Delete"/"Backspace" key. Now it also works on a single cell.

Fix freeze on big CSV file import

On very large files (more than 50mo), Datablist CSV Importer could freeze as browser memory became full.

Now, CSV files are read chunk by chunk to handle large files.

Currently, Datablist only import the first 10k lines but this is an important step toward higher volume of data.

October 2021

New features

Use Datablist without signing up

Datablist is a great tool for simple data manipulations like removing duplicates, filtering CSV, consolidating lists, etc.

It is now possible to upload CSV files and play with them without being registered.

Go to and create a collection to get started.

The data is kept in your browser storage. Sign in to sync it to the cloud and share it with your team.

Duplicates Finder

Until now, you could merge duplicate items by using the "unique values" setting on a property. It worked but it was not possible to preview duplicates before merging them and it worked only during imports.

With our new Duplicates Finder feature, finding duplicates is easier than ever. Select the property(ies) to compare and run the analysis!

"Long Text" property

Writing notes (or any long text) on Datablist is now possible with the new Long Text property type. It opens a write zone on the table and shows as a Textarea on the drawer.

Undo/Redo Manager

Try, iterate, cancel. Undo/Redo has been implemented on:

  • Item edit
  • Column size change
  • Cells bulk delete (see improvements)

Use Cmd+Z (undo) and Cmd+Shift+Z (redo) on your collections.


Cells bulk delete

Empty all the selected cells with the "Delete"/"Backspace" key as you would do on a spreadsheet.

Quick collection creation

Creating a collection is now a one step process. Click the "+" button and you will be redirected to an empty collection page.

Export selected items

Sometimes you want to export selected items instead of the whole listing. Now you can 🤟

September 2021

New features

Invite members

You can now invite people to join your account and access your collections.

Just enter their email addresses to send invitations.


Always Visible Listing

Drawer and actions launcher appear in the data listing and could hide the listing. Now, the listing is always fully visible with the drawer or the action launcher open.



Datablist is built with thin, disappearing scrollbars in mind (Mac OS X). In Linux and Windows, in Datablist app, scrollbars were always visible in modals and double scrollbars were visible in data listing. It should be better now.

However, it is not perfect and on large listing, the vertical scrollbar is only accessible after horizontal scrolling. Custom scrollbars will be implemented in the future.


Fix bug when copy/pasting a single cell

Fix bug when copy/pasting a selection after changing sorting options.

August 2021

New features

Users and Accounts

Identity management and account management has been improved. Data now belong to accounts and accounts have user members. This change paves the way to team management and access controls.

New action

Email Address Validation

Performing an email list cleaning on Datablist is now simple. Just select the email addresses in your collection and run the "Email Address Validation" action.

This free service does 3 verifications:

  • Email syntax analysis
  • Disposable providers check
  • Domain MX records check

👉 Check our How to clean an email list for free guide!


Export visible or all properties

Collection properties can be hidden on the listing view. When exporting your collection to CSV, when at least one property is hidden, you can choose between two export options:

  • Export only visible properties
  • Export all properties

When clicking on "Export all properties", the CSV file will contains columns for all properties, including the hidden ones.

Copy/pasting data with selected items

After copy/pasting data from cells, you can now copy selected items (single items or all collection items) using "Edit -> Copy" or the Ctrl + c keyboard shortcut.

UI Improvements

The rename and delete collection actions are now directly accessible from the collection tree in the sidebar.

Limit CSV and copy/pasting imports to 10k items

Datablist is currently tested to work smoothly with 10k items collections. This limit is temporary and will be increased in the future.