Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Load your CSV or Excel file on Datablist

Create a free account and import your data file. Datablist is perfect for list building. With powerful data-cleaning features and enrichments.

Create a new collection and import your CSV or Excel file.

Step 2: Select the "Classification with ChatGPT/OpenAI" enrichment

Click on the "Enrich" button, and search for "Classification with ChatGPT/OpenAI".

Classification with ChatGPT/OpenAI
Classification with ChatGPT/OpenAI

When to use the ChatGPT text classification?

Sentiment Analysis

ChatGPT excels at understanding the nuances of human emotions. Run this enrichment to get the intent by analyzing social media posts, customer reviews, or feedback.

Language and Country Classification

Find the language from a text or the country from a city. This simple classification helps write better personalized emails.

Segment companies

Once you have extracted texts from a company website, use ChatGPT to segment your list between industries.


How much does it cost?

This enrichment is free to use. But you need to use your own OpenAI API Key and you will be charged directly by OpenAI.

You must have credits on your OpenAI balance. This enrichment won't work with a free OpenAI account without credits.

How to create an OpenAI API Key

Create an account on the OpenAI Platform. Then go to the API Keys page and click "Create new secret key".