Finding accurate and up-to-date company domains is crucial for sales outreach or to clean your CRM data. Yet, manually searching for each domain is time-consuming and error-prone. Datablist, a powerful CSV viewer and editor, offers unique enrichment tools to help you achieve this. In this article, we'll walk you through how Datablist can find company domains using a list of company names with two effective methods: leveraging a pre-existing database and performing Google searches.

How to find company domains for a list of company names

The "Find Company domains from Company names" enrichment uses two methods:

  • Method 1: Using a domain/company name Database - Datablist uses a robust database containing a comprehensive list of company name/domain mappings. This method is quick and reliable for matching company names to their corresponding domains.

  • Method 2: Using Google - In cases where the database method doesn't yield results, Datablist uses a fallback method: performing Google searches to fetch the first relevant result matching the company name.

By combining both methods, Datablist offers a powerful dual-approach to ensure you get the most accurate company domains.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Load your CSV or Excel file on Datablist

Create a free account and import your data file. Datablist is a powerful CSV editor. Perfect for opening large CSV files or Excel files with a list of items.

Create a new collection and import your file.

Step 2: Select the "Find Company domains from Company names" enrichment

Click on the "Enrich" button, and search for "Find Company domains from Company names".

Find Company domains from Company names
Find Company domains from Company names

Step 3: Configure settings and select the column with the names

A drawer opens to configure the enrichment.

In the "Settings" section, the "Use Google for missing domains" option to enable or disable the fallback on Google for finding domains that are not in the domain/company name database.

When enabled, an extra setting lets you select a Country for the Google search. It uses a "United States" based location by default.

Then, in the "inputs" section, map the "Company Name" input with the field holding the names. Datablist will automatically discard empty names.

Find Company domains from Company names
Find Company domains from Company names

Step 4: Define where to store the company domains

This enrichment returns 2 properties: the domain, and the status for the domain matching. Click on the "+" icon to create new properties to store the data. Or map with existing properties if you already have them created.

Find Company domains from Company names
Find Company domains from Company names

Use Cases

  • Enriching CRM - Imagine you're a sales manager with a list of potential leads (company names) but without their contact domains. By uploading the list to Datablist and using the database method, you can swiftly acquire the corresponding company domains, thereby streamlining your outreach efforts.

  • Niche Companies Enrichment - Suppose you're a market researcher dealing with niche companies not covered by standard databases. Using the Google search method, you can still discover company domains, ensuring your dataset remains enriched and valuable.

  • Email Finding - In order to find email addresses for a company, you need to have the domain. See Email Finder.

  • Lead Generation - A simple way to check if a company is worth being contacted is to check its website. Use this domain lookup tool to segment your lead lists.