Navigating through rows of data in an Excel file or a CSV file, searching for and extracting phone numbers, can be a tedious task. Imagine if you could streamline this process. Good news—it's possible!

Let's see how the "Phone Number Extractors" lets you effortlessly extract phone numbers in a few clicks.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Load your CSV or Excel file on Datablist

Create a free account and import your data file. Datablist is a powerful CSV editor. Perfect for opening large CSV files or Excel files with a list of items.

Create a new collection and import your file.

Step 2: Select the "Phone Number Extractor" enrichment

Click on the "Enrich" button in the header, and search for "Phone Number Extractor".

Phone Number Extractor
Phone Number Extractor

Step 3: Configure settings

In the next step, you can configure a country to handle local numbers. This setting is optional.

If the setting is empty, the enrichment extracts all numbers in the international format (starting with + XX ..). When you define a country, it parses all numbers and analyzes them to check if they match the format for the defined country. If so, it will add the international country code in the extracted value.

A setting is also available to extract the list of countries from the country codes.

Phone Number Extractor settings
Phone Number Extractor settings

Step 4: Define where to store the results

This enrichment returns a list of extracted numbers (comma separated), and a list of country names (if the "Add country names" setting is enabled). You must define where this text will be stored. You can create a new property or map an existing property.

Create properties to store the results
Create properties to store the results