Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Load your CSV or Excel file on Datablist

Create a free account and import your data file. Datablist is a powerful CSV editor. Perfect for opening large CSV files or Excel files with a list of items.

Create a new collection and import your file.

Step 2: Select the "Company Domain/LinkedIn Company Page Lookup" enrichment

Click on the "Enrich" button, and search for "Company Domain/LinkedIn Company Page Lookup".

Company Domain/LinkedIn Company Page Lookup
Company Domain/LinkedIn Company Page Lookup

Step 3: Select a property with Domains or with Linkedin Company Page URLs

Then, select the property (=column) with either LinkedIn Company Page URLs or with websites/domains.

The enrichment automatically detects for each item the lookup operation to perform.

Datablist handles most of the variations possible for domains/websites and LinkedIn Page URLs.

For the company URL source, some compatible formats:

  • Full URL:
  • Full URL with path:
  • Only Domain:

For the LinkedIn Company Page URLs, some compatible formats:

  • Full URL (with ending slash or not):
  • Regional LinkedIn:
  • Partial URL:

Linkedin Company Pages with IDs are not supported.

LinkedIn Company Page Lookup Inputs
LinkedIn Company Page Lookup Inputs

And configure outputs. The "LinkedIn Company/Domain Lookup" enrichment exposes 2 outputs:

  • Company Domain - To get company domains from LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Company LinkedIn Url - To get LinkedIn Company Pages from company domains or websites
LinkedIn Company Page Lookup Outputs
LinkedIn Company Page Lookup Outputs

Important For each item, only one output is returned. If the enrichment detects a domain as input, it only returns the LinkedIn Company Page. If it detects a LinkedIn Company Page, only the domain is returned.