B2B Databases such as Apollo.io or Zoominfo scrape the web to update their people and company data. With hundreds of millions of leads (Apollo says 275M), they can't keep their data fresh.

Profiles with data not updated for more than 1 year are more common than you think. The only places with fresh data are where people update their profile themself. And the best place is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the most reliable source for fresh profile data.

With this enrichment, you only need the LinkedIn profile URL and it will scrape available public data. And Datablist is built for scale, so run this enrichment on hundreds or thousands of profiles.

Main features:

  • Update all or only missing fields.
  • This enrichment doesn't need your LinkedIn credentials. No risk of having your LinkedIn account blocked.
  • Run at scale

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Load your CSV or Excel file on Datablist

Create a free account and import your data file. Datablist is a powerful CSV editor. Perfect for opening large CSV files or Excel files with a list of items.

Create a new collection and import your file.

Step 2: Select the "LinkedIn Profile Scraper" enrichment

Click on the "Enrich" button in the header, and search for "LinkedIn Profile Scraper".

Select LinkedIn Profile Scraper on the enrichment store
Select LinkedIn Profile Scraper on the enrichment store

Step 3: Configure settings and inputs

After selecting the enrichment, a drawer opens with settings and the input configuration.

Select "Disable cached profiles" to get only real-time data from LinkedIn (see pricing). When disabled, you might get a cached version (less then 1 month). This allows faster and cheaper scraping.

In the "Input" section, select the property from your collection with the LinkedIn Profile URL.

LinkedIn Profile Scraper settings & input
LinkedIn Profile Scraper settings & input

Step 4: Configure Outputs and Run the enrichment

The final step is to configure when the scraped data will be stored. You can map the output data with an existing property or create a new property that will store the results.

LinkedIn Profile Scraper outputs
LinkedIn Profile Scraper outputs

Once your output properties are set, click "Run enrichment".

How much does it cost to scrape a LinkedIn Profile?

Datablist Enrichments work with a credit system. You receive credits with your monthly plan and you can buy non-expiring credits with top-ups.

The Linkedin Profile Scraper enrichment costs 25 credits per profile (50 credits when "Disable cached profiles" is checked).

A $20 top-up gives you 20,000 credits. The scraping of one profile costs $0,025. You can scrape 800 profiles with a $20 top-up.

A $150 top-up gives you 200,000 credits (25% discount). The scraping of one profile costs $0,01875. You can scrape 8000 profiles with a $150 top-up.

Learn more about the Datablist Credits System.